My Team

I have been fortunate to work with several interns at Loyola, talented undergraduates and graduate students who did research for credit in their degree programs in history or Catholic Studies that contributed to my project on the Camden 28.

Loyola Campus

Pedro Regalado ,LUC 2013, researched the “Puerto Rican Riot” in Camden that took place the same night as the Camden 28 raid.

Juan Basadre, LUC 2014, researched the history of jury nullification verdicts in the United States.

Joanna Surma, LUC 2015, MA 2016, researched the history of systematic jury selection in U.S. trial law.

Michael Malucha, LUC 2017, reproduced and created electronic copies of the Camden 28 trial.

Katie Dubielak, LUC 2015, wrote daily summaries of the Camden 28 trial.

Lizzy Schmidt, LUC, MA program in Public History, created a spreadsheet of data on the Camden 28 defendants.

Mikey Spehn, LUC 2020, created a Prezi flowchart of the FBI’s activities the night of the Camden 28 arrest.

Mark Neuhengen LUC 2019 created an annotated bibliography on the history of Catholicism in the post-World War II American Right

Sarah LaVanway, LUC 2022, created this website!